letter-447577_640Shannon Tipton issued a challenge to write a letter to  choose a date and time from the future and write a letter to yourself addressing whether things had gone well and what you have accomplished. This is my response.

Hey, Tom!

Welcome to 2029! I know you never thought you’d make it. It’s been a wild ride, not just staying current through amazing advances in technology, but leading the way, despite being the “old man” among a younger field. Good for you staying the course as others promoted the latest fad or jumped on the latest shiny bandwagon. Thank you for always remembering that learning is, and has always been, social and largely informal, and for incorporating those elements into all planned interventions. Thank you for intuitively knowing when trends are toward what works well over what’s convenient.

Best of all, thank you for recognizing that, as you age, you care less and less about what others think and making 2016 the year to put that plan into action. Showing and sharing your work has always been a part of learning, growing, and producing, but doing so without fear turned into what you will be remembered for. And whether you’re a CEO or taking orders at the customer counter, it has always been important to focus on the customer experience, but to do so from a place of truth to yourself. Well done figuring that out 13 years ago.

Enjoy your retirement knowing you’ve handed your wisdom to a large group of capable, younger professionals who have gained from your wisdom. And you know you’ll never truly retire.


Thanks for reading!
~ @tomspiglanin


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