Sound is a big deal in video, and recording good sound is especially challenging for live action shots in busy places, whether indoors or outside. This becomes even more challenging when using your smartphone to record the video. One tip, shown here, is to use an external microphone, which makes sound recording more consistent, regardless which direction you’re pointing the camera. There are good external microphones available for smartphones, such as the Rode SmartLav+, but this video shows what can be done using the mic connected to the ear buds that came witih your phone.

A few interesting notes:

  1. TNSmall microphones, which are virtually all microphones embedded in cameras and phones, are far more sensitive to high frequencies than low frequencies. Handling those phones and cameras can generate a lot of noise at frequencies higher than the human voice, and these are recorded well by the on-board mics. Using an external mic eliminates this source of noise.
  2. Note that I shot this video as a “selfie” using my smartphone. Although the original video was shaky, note how the image stabilization feature of my video editor stabilized my face. If you watch the video again, you’ll see the background drifting around, which is far less distracting than shaky video.

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