For nearly three years, I’ve been exploring social learning, informal learning, and the changing workplace. My  beliefs about workplace learning have evolved quite a bit over those years, partly by experimenting with new ideas and learning from the results, both positive and negative.  I’ve also grown by narrating what I learn here, whether you call that learning out loud, working out loud, or showing my work. By describing my current thinking and sharing that publicly, I gain deeper understanding through many interactions with insightful people from around the world. Some I know of and respect; many I’ve never met; and many I’ve been afforded the opportunity to meet because I follow this practice. I strongly believe my current understanding and knowledge wouldn’t be as rich without this critical knowledge management practice.  But now I’m getting well ahead of myself.

declarationWhat follows is a list of my top ten beliefs about adult learning in the workplace and the role of the Learning and Development (L&D) organization in it.

  1. The 70:20:10 framework
  2. The many emerging roles for Learning and Development professionals
  3. The inverse relationship between experience and the value of formal learning
  4. The value of connectedness
  5. The importance of a personal learning network
  6. The value of sharing
  7. The erosion of hierarchies in the workplace
  8. The importance of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)
  9. The value of working out loud / showing your work
  10. The inherently social nature of learning

These beliefs guide almost all of my work. Even when I  support “legacy” training programs, these beliefs underpin my recommendations, actions, and decisions to influence change.

As a reflective activity to close out 2014 and kick off 2015, I’ll publish something more about each of these over the next two weeks, incrementally completing the links above. Bookmark this page and check back every few days for updates, and most importantly, please let me know your thoughts.

As always, thanks for reading!


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