I just returned from DevLearn 2014 in Las Vegas, an annual conference attracting leading-edge developers of educational products. My conference summary will make its way here in the coming week, but I wanted to share a project I recorded with my industry friends while at the conference.

This is the end result, a microvideo (under 90 seconds) on one specific benefit of working out loud, which might be described as narrating work, sharing work as it’s being done, or showing work in various stages. This video focuses on the benefit of producing better work work by tapping into the wisdom others as it progresses.

You can view the video on YouTube here

I discuss more on the entire production effort in this post, where I elaborate on the process of producing microlearning videos on a shoestring budget.

I extend special thanks to my personal learning network of professionals around the world, especially those who acted in this one: Laura Payette (@ljwp), Christina Holloway (@cm_holloway), Diane Smith (@CreativelyTrain), and Coline Son Lee (@pmtrainer).

Thanks for viewing!


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