This is the second of the two videos I recorded while at DevLearn 2014 in Las Vegas. This one focuses on the subject of getting more buy-in for projects by involving others.

Serendipitous things happen, especially at conferences where so many colleagues are in attendance and speaking. No sooner had I corralled a group of friends to record the scenes for the video below, when I ran into my friend Jane Bozarth (@JaneBozarth) who invited me to a brief but important meeting (really important, and it only slightly delayed the recording). Jane is the author of the beautiful book Show Your Work, available at Amazon and other places, which describes the many benefits of working out loud and offers a variety of ways to do so with examples. At the conference, she presented on the topic of management perspectives on show your work, so it was perfect set-up for our project.

One interesting note, we were a bit rushed to record both this video and the previous one; It doesn’t show, but serves to highlight the flexibility of the production process.

In a following post, I’ll discuss more about the process I use to produce microlearning videos on a shoestring budget.

I extend special thanks to my personal learning network of professionals around the world, especially those who acted in this one: Andrea May (@AndreaMay1), Adam Weisblatt (@weisblatt), Lisa Goldstein (@LisaAGoldstein), and Shannon Tipton (@stipton).

Thanks for viewing!


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