During a “Morning Buzz” session at DevLearn in Las Vegas last week, we talked about how the Learning and Development (L&D) profession in general hasn’t evolved to address the rapidly changing workplace environment and increasing customer expectations. We started by reviewing some of the community posts on @JaneBozarth‘s Pinterest board, “L&D Responses to Change,” comprised of metaphors expressing some thoughts and concerns about our profession and its response to change. We then started working on a thought map representing some of the challenges faced by L&D professionals. At one point, we also reviewed Jane Hart‘s graphic, Emerging Roles for Learning and Performance Professionals for inspiration.

While incomplete, here is our resulting thought/mind map. If you have additions or ideas to integrate, drop me a note and I’ll do my best to update this.

Click to open high-resolution PDF of the complete thought map

Click above to open a high-resolution PDF of the complete thought map

MB10 DevLearn Thought Map

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