In the preceding post, I highlighted some of the reasons I like #lrnchat. That post also contains links to general information about Twitter chats, for those interested. In this post I’ll address another one of my favorite chats, #chat2lrn.

I happened across #chat2lrn quite by accident after seeing a flurry of activity by one or two of the people I followed. It was morning in my time zone (the chat is at 8:00 AM Pacific), so–coffee in hand–I just jumped in and engaged. Because of the convenient time for my schedule, I’m almost always available to participate in this chat. Here are an additional ten reasons I enjoy #chat2lrn:

  1. The chat takes place every other week on Thursday.
  2. The topic is typically posted about a week before the event.
  3. The chat consists of 6-8 questions over one hour, making for a fast pace (which suits my morning coffee well; ask European participants how that works for them in their time zone).
  4. Questions appear from @chat2lrn during the chat and are not published in advance.
  5. Questions appear at irregular intervals, which requires a bit of extra attention to be sure a question isn’t missed (I recently learned this results from having a Skype backchannel among the organizers/facilitators who decide when to post questions).
  6. Because of the time of the chat, it has an enjoyably European  flavor.
  7. For months I didn’t know who the organizers were. By the time I found out, we were already engaging one another on Twitter outside the chat.
  8. There’s a framing blog post generally speaking to the topic of interest; the post is often written by a guest blogger (this has even included me).
  9. While questions are related to the framing post, responding to them does not require having read it (but does helps stimulate additional thought when the questions appear).
  10. I’m done and focused on work by 9AM.

As I concluded in the earlier post, participating in Twitter chats is a matter of personal preference and time availability. I continue to appreciate the diversity of the various chats and enjoy both their similarities and differences. #chat2lrn has wonderful participants from the U.S. and Europe and makes a great addition to the learning and development community Twitter chats.

As always, thanks for reading! @tomspiglanin


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