Following the interview I gave about my Twitter chat activity for L&D Global Events, I thought it might be helpful to share a little more about the various chats I join and why. If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter chats in general, check out this article by Jennifer Moline or this one on

The first chat I want to address in this series is #lrnchat, which is focused on the field of learning and development. I mentioned in my interview that #lrnchat always begins with an introduction, so everybody in “attendance” introduces themselves and shares what brings them to the chat. What I failed to mention, but is critically important, is the chat also begins with an invitation to share what new thing each person learned that week. It serves as an excellent reminder that learning (especially on-fire learning) happens every day and at every opportunity. Here are my additional ten reasons I enjoy #lrnchat:

  1. It was my first Twitter chat, and I came to love Twitter chats because of it. How can anyone forget their first love?
  2. It’s pace is easy for a novice to join yet interesting enough to keep returning week after week.
  3. Topics are general, yet focused on important aspects of learning and development. This invites diverse opinions.
  4. The chat consists of about 7 questions over 1-1/2 hours, allowing time to reflect, re-think, post new thoughts, and engage with other participants on each question.
  5. Questions appear from @lrnchat and are open-ended, which further invites diverse opinions but also opens participants to new perspectives.
  6. There are great participants involved.
  7. The organizers are movers and shakers in the field of learning and development. Come hear what they have to say.
  8. It’s evening throughout the continental United States at the time of the chat (5:30PM in my Pacific time zone). I enjoy being able to join with a cocktail as a great way to end my work day.
  9. I’ve met many innovative and interesting Twitter friends by interacting with them in the chat.
  10. I always learn something from someone, but I also always learn something about myself.

Participating in Twitter chats is a matter of personal preference and time availability. I continue to appreciate the diversity of chats and enjoy their many similarities and differences. I encourage everyone to try one out at least once, and #lrnchat is a great place to start.

As always, thanks for reading! @tomspiglanin


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