We hold these social learning truths to be self-evident:

  1. That learning is the individual’s right
  2. That learning is also the individual’s responsibility, not that of a teacher or organization
  3. That learning can occur anytime, anywhere
  4. That searching the Web will almost always improve performance in time of need faster and more effectively than a training program
  5. That learning socially is usually more effective than not
  6. That learning socially isn’t even remotely new
  7. That while learning socially requires a communication medium, it needn’t be online
  8. That online social media do not constitute learning, but do enable access to others’ knowledge and wisdom
  9. That knowledge must be shared to have value
  10. That building a personal knowledge/learning network is an investment in the future

Therefore, encourage me to learn, but don’t force me. Show me how to improve my performance, but don’t send me to unnecessary training. Empower me to grow wiser, but don’t hold me back. Give me access to social knowledge, but don’t limit me. In the end, we all will benefit.

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Social Learning Truths — 3 Comments

  1. This is really good Tom. We should call it the 10 Learning Commandments.

    My favourite is #2 and often is the hardest to break through. Poorly designed eLearning often “spoonfeeds” people into a very narrow view of what they need to know to develop. We must stretch oursevles as facilitators of learning along with those we support.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Intersting and relevant quotes ~ social learning is nothing new and is complemented by formal and informal learning as well – all three learning approaches do co-exist –

    Social learning does in deed define the culture we work in ~ and hopefully folks realize that not only they’re learning socially everyday anywhere, bur that they are teaching otters socially too- therefore a higher level Of
    Social consciousness and an open leadership practice is required for ” quality social leaning” face to face or in virtual worlds …

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