In his book, Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do, Euan Semple describes a phenomenon that happens to those who write or blog frequently. They begin to notice things around them they might otherwise overlook. I’d actually noticed this phenomenon, but Euan gave a name to those moments: “Ooh, that’s interesting!” So I tip my virtual hat to him, for this morning I had such a moment.

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Driving to work by way of my local coffee house, I passed a bicyclist wearing brightly colored clothing. It was cold and damp, a dreary day. I admired his dedication, but also felt pity. Living near the top of a sizable hill, his journey would invariably require a return trip up that same hill.

As I left the coffee house, the cyclist arrived. He was a bearded gentleman, gray, in his 70s, and quite fit. I held the door for him, and he smiled. “Nice day!” he said, as he passed.

And it hit me. His bicycle ride was not a journey with a destination. His ride was his destination. He was precisely where he wanted to be, in the moment, living life the way he enjoyed.

Lifelong learning is like that bicycle. After all, it really is a journey that serves as its own destination. By exercising it, even without knowing where we’ll end up, we can stay mentally fit for a lifetime.

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